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Your Guide to Music in the Mountains!

The white festival tent is up and the wildflowers are blooming–that means it’s time for Music in the Mountains! Each year, Purgatory hosts several classical (and not so classical!) performances under the stunning peaks of the San Juan Mountains.

We wanted to learn more about what makes this annual event so unique, so we asked Angie Beach, Executive Director of Music in the Mountains, a few questions! Keep reading to see what you can expect this year, from the pop/funk/r&b band to what delicious snacks will be available during intermissions!

What can guests expect this year at Music in the Mountains?

Guests can expect to be WOWED by the full orchestra conducted by Maestro Guillermo Figueroa under the big top of the iconic white festival tent. It’s unbelievable to sit in the beautiful surroundings of the San Juan Mountains and hear live music like this and it gets even more cool when it’s raining–it’s like an added section to the orchestra! Also, the intermission is a fun surprise! We offer the most delicious snacks to our patrons with our compliments: Yellow Carrot’s famous caramel corn, beet chips, and sweet potato chips help complete the experience.

What makes this year different than previous years?

This year is a little different than previous years in that we have moved the concert start times back to 7 PM. We hope this will help accommodate Purgatory guests that want to get dinner before the show! The same incredible caliber of musicians will be performing in our Festival Orchestra and we will be featuring both returning favorites and some new talent with the orchestra. We are also presenting an incredible non-classical band called the Nightowls, a 10 piece band out of Austin, that will be so much fun. They are a bit pop and funk and r&b all rolled into one. It’s not to be missed–Saturday, July 14th at 7 PM.

Who will enjoy Music in the Mountains?

EVERYONE will enjoy Music in the Mountains! It’s an unbelievable experience and will be the highlight of any family vacation. We offer student prices, and if anyone is worried about how to dress….please don’t.  We like to say, come as you are–and leave transformed!

What do you want people to know about Music in the Mountains?

Our three week schedule is jam packed with interesting programming and truly offers something for everyone. Our website has a detailed schedule and even has links to hear the pieces. Every classical orchestra performance also offers a complimentary Pre-Concert Lecture…which is not a boring, stuffy lecture like you might think. It’s very animated and usually involves costumes! It will enhance the overall concert experience. The lectures are held at DMC and DMI one hour before the show.

Visit to buy tickets and see the full lineup of Music in the Mountains concerts!