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Which Pass is Right for You?

Ski season is still in full swing at Purgatory (we just extended our season!) – but with season passes and Power Products now on sale and our construction crews making very visible progress on our new Inferno Mountain Coaster (which is scheduled to open this May!), we’re talking a lot about summer and next winter, too.

This year, Purgatory lowered prices on nearly every season pass, and we also created three new summer season passes. Summer access was formerly included on every Power Pass, and this year we removed the benefit for a couple of reasons:

  1. Most of our passholders weren’t using their summer benefits, and we didn’t want to charge for something that the vast majority of our passholders were not using. 
  2. Purgatory is adding new activities to our summer menu, including the Inferno Mountain Coaster! Those of you watching the construction progress from Twilight can attest that this is a massive project and we guarantee the Inferno will be a headlining experience for everyone.

I’ve talked with many people – especially parents – to help them understand which pass is right for them. Use these quick guides below to determine which winter or summer passes are right for you, and if you still have questions, feel free to call my team at (970)-385-2168.


Before you decide on your summer pass, make sure you understand your winter pass options. If you purchase a Power Pass, you can not only enjoy the premium winter perks (read about them here), but you can also enjoy discounted summer passes, too:


How Many Days Will You Ski Next Winter?

0 Days 1-2 Days 3-5 Days 6 Days or More
If you’re not purchasing a season pass, your summer pass options start at $199. You can buy your summer pass on the payment plan, too! Consider a Power Card and add on a summer pass starting at $199. You can buy your summer pass on the payment plan, too! Consider a Power Pack or Power Pack PLUS and add on a summer pass starting at $199. You can buy both on the payment plan! Consider a season pass purchase (see all the options). If you buy a Power Pass, you can save up to $99 on your summer pass, and you can buy both your winter and summer pass on the payment plan!

For the first time ever, Purgatory is proud to offer every child in 4th grade or younger a FREE winter season pass. Read this if you’re trying to decide between the Power Pass and FREE winter pass:




Power Pass

For kids 12 & younger


FREE Power Kids Pass

For kids 10 & younger


Why you should consider this pass: In addition to getting FREE unlimited
winter access to all 5 of our resorts,
this pass comes with:

FREE days at partner ski areas
like Copper Mountain

(See the full list)

On-mountain discounts (for food and beverage,
ski school, etc.)

Six 30% off tickets to share with friends
It provides FREE unlimited
winter access to all 5 of our resorts.
No purchase necessary!


Once you determine which winter pass is best, it’s time to select your summer pass. Here are the 3 new summer passes this year:




Summer Adventure Pass

Mountain Bike Power Pass

Summer Adventure Pass PLUS

Where can you use it? Purgatory Purgatory and Pajarito Purgatory and Pajarito

What do you get?


Access 5 Purgatory summer activities everyday


Unlimited mountain bike uplifts at Purgatory and Pajarito


Access 10 Purgatory summer activities everyday
and unlimited mountain bike uplifts
at Purgatory and Pajarito


Can you use this pass anywhere else?


Not at this time


Yes! Stay tuned for mountain bike park partner announcements.


Yes! Stay tuned for mountain
bike park partner


This pass is perfect for someone who…


…is happy to experience a few attractions every time they visit Purgatory in the summer
(including our new Inferno Mountain Coaster!)


…loves to mountain bike and wants to experience other bike parks, too.


…can’t decide which they love more:
mountain biking, the new Inferno
Mountain Coaster or any of our
other summer activities.
This pass gives you maximum access!


A few final reminders:

Many guests are asking if they can buy the Power Pass now and add the summer pass later, and the answer to this is YES. What you will not be able to do is take advantage of the lowest available summer pricing after April 20. For the lowest price, be sure to purchase your passes by April 20.

Lock in your FREE Power Kids season pass online here and when you’re ready to pick it up, be sure to bring something that shows your child’s age.

If your child is in 5th grade for the 2018-2019 school year, they can get a free season pass at Hesperus, Pajarito and Sipapu! These resorts offer FREE season passes for kids in 5th grade. Learn more.

We will start printing passes at the Village Plaza at Purgatory and at Purgatory Sports, 2615 Main Ave. in Durango, in mid-May and in plenty of time for our first day of summer operations, May 26, 2018!

If you still have questions, read more of our top FAQs here or feel free to call us at (970)-385-2168!


Judy Wachob is the Director of Village Services at Purgatory Resort, where she has been a mainstay to the resort operations for 23 years. Known and loved by countless guests (who she usually knows by name!), Judy can most often be found delivering exceptional customer service in the Ticket Office.