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Plan Your Vacation

New! Order food and/or drinks right from your phone while you're at the resort.

Place your order when you’re starting to feel hungry, take a couple more laps then head to the selected restaurant and pick up your food when you received a notification.

First Time at Purgatory

Welcome to Purgatory Resort, named North America’s Best Ski Value by TripAdvisor three years running. Here, Colorado’s rugged San Juan Mountains are home to some of the most consistent and abundant snow in the southwest.

Packing Tips

We want you to be cozy and comfortable on the slopes. Bring gear and clothing appropriate for the weather and conditions, including a base layer (think long underwear), an insulated and waterproof outer layer, snow pants, fleece or wool hat, gloves or mittens and socks, and protective eyewear (sunglasses or goggles). Helmets are required for children participating in any Purgatory Ski & Snowsports School program.

And don’t forget cold weather “street” clothes. Whether your après activities take you to nearby historic Durango, or around Purgatory Village, you’ll want a few layers to bundle up, including fleece or wool socks, a cozy hat or scarf, and snowboots.

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Pre-Purchase Tickets, Lessons and Rentals

You’ll find the best rates by pre-purchasing lift tickets, ski & snowboard lessons and equipment rentals online. This way you can spend more time with your friends and family on the slopes!

Questions? Call our Durango-based Purgatory Vacation Specialists at (800) 525-0892.

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Mountain Sun and Air

Purgatory Resort’s base is more than 8,000 feet above sea level, and the summit is nearly 11,000 feet. If you’re visiting from a lower altitude, your body typically adjusts to the higher altitude within 24-36 hours. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and be mindful of your alcohol intake. Begin with light to moderate physical activity. Symptoms of high altitude sickness may include headaches, nausea, restless sleep, loss of appetite, and coughing or difficulty breathing, visit Mercy Urgent Care.

Outdoor recreation at high altitude increases risk of sunburn, as there is less atmosphere to filter and mellow the sun’s rays. Plus, Purgatory’s abundant snow reflects the sun’s rays, increasing your exposure. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen on all exposed skin, even on cloudy winter days.

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