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Snowbike Lessons

snowbike nastar course womanWhether you’re new to the slopes or a snowsports veteran looking to access the mountain in a fresh way, Snowbiking delivers an exciting and memorable alpine adventure. Get certified to ride with Purgatory Resort’s Snowbike Experience Lessons. Visit DurangoSnowbike.com for more information.

Snowbike Lessons

Includes instruction and equipment (Snowbike) rental for the day. $98. Lessons meet daily at 9:30am and end at 12pm.

How to Register
Call 970-385-2149 to book your Snowbike Experience Lesson. Or sign up in person at Purgatory Rentals at 8am.

Booking your lessons at least 48 hours in advance is highly recommended.

Terms and Safety Policies
• All participants must have a season pass or lift ticket. Learn more about season passes, including pass specials.
• Students must be at least 13 years old and 5 feet tall.
• A Purgatory Resort Snowbike License or other credential acceptable to Purgatory Resort is required to ride and rent. Completing a Snowbike Experience Lesson provides the license.
• Purgatory Resort recognizes Snowbike/Skibike credentials from other ski areas. If a guest has a Snowbike/Skibike credential from another ski area, they may rent and ride at Purgatory Resort. Purgatory Resort reserves the right to determine whether a guest is required to take a Snowbike Experience Lesson.

Snowbike Rentals

$49/day for certified riders.
A Purgatory Resort Snowbike License or other credential acceptable to Purgatory Resort is required to rent and ride.


Peg Bikes

Come give one of the newest and most exciting ways to slide on the snow a try! This is a great way for everyone from a seasoned skier/snowboarder looking for a fresh and fun way to enjoy the resort to cycling enthusiasts who just aren’t ready to put down their handlebars for the winter! Come take a ride with our internationally renowned Peg Bike Instructors! 
*A certification is required to be able to rent and ride Peg Bikes at Purgatory Resort*

Peg Bike Products

Full Day experience: Includes 2 hour lesson, certification card and 4 hour rental. $125 *This product is only applicable for the AM departure.

Half Day Experience: Includes 2 hour lesson, certification card and 1 hour rental. $90 Available 

Group Lesson: Meant for those who already possess a Peg Bike certification through Purgatory and would like to improve their comfort and skills on a Peg Bike. $69 for a 2 hour lesson, $89 for a 4 hour lesson.

2 hour lesson options are 10am-12pm (meets at 9:30am) or 1pm-3pm (meets at 12:45pm). All lessons meet at the adult on snow podium.

Checkout Ride: For guests who have prior Peg Bike experience and/or a certification from another resort. Come take one run with our experienced Peg Bike Instructors to get your certification from Purgatory! $15

Learn More

After booking your lesson make sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for helpful answers and our Welcome to Purgatory video. For more information about Purgatory Ski & Snowboard School or to make a reservation, call 970-385-2149 or email purgschool@purgatoryresort.com.