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Child Care

the den purgatory slope side childcare

The Den – Village Plaza

Closed for Summer 2020

(970) 385-2144

The Den is an on-site Guest Childcare Facility, providing a safe, interactive and engaging environment.

For children ages 8 weeks to 5 years, our dedicated staff provides high quality child care right in Purgatory’s base area. Infants are welcome beginning at 8 weeks for indoor care, and a peek-a-boo window into the facility plus text updates from staff help give peace of mind to parents on the slopes. Two year olds through five years olds explore creative indoor projects and outside snow play, weather permitting. Snow toys are provided. 

In order to secure your booking, advanced registration is required. Please use the links below to book and enroll your child into “The Den.” Both the Enrollment Form as well as the Book Now Form must be completed in order for your booking to remain secure.  If the date you are booking for has been marked as “sold out,” if you need to make changes, or if you need to cancel your booking, please call 970-385-2144 for availability information and to confirm our cancelation policy. Don’t forget to check our informational tabs below for further questions!

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Enrollment Form

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Before You Enter The Den

What we provide:

  • Snacks such as goldfish crackers, animal crackers, diluted juice, and water.
  • Sippy cups
  • Bibs, wipes
  • Cribs and sleeping mats
  • Toys for indoor play, toys for outdoor snow play
  • If you’d like, you can add a lunch to your booking that will be provided by The Den. Menus change daily.
  • “G” rated movies or TV programs during resting times.

What you provide:

  • Baby food, milk formula (Pre-mixed), milk, breast milk (Pre-pumped), and bottles.
  • Lunch if not added onto your booking and if staying for a full day.
  • Labeled clothing for outdoor and indoor play
  • Extra set of clothing in case of potty accident, 
  • Pacifiers
  • 6 diapers/pull-ups labeled
  • Comfort items such as blankies, teddies, and loveys.

Check in: 

  • Be sure that you have downloaded and completely filled out the registration paperwork below if you have NOT registered through the online “Book Now” and “Enrollment Form” pathways. You will hand this to the check-in attendant upon arrival.
    Downloadable content checklist:
    Parent Policies and Procedures
    Enrollment Form
  • If you are experiencing issues with the web-page or have, please call (970)-385-2144.
  • Pre-Paying is required in order for your booking to remain secured.
  • Upon arrival, please check in at The Den Podium and sign in on the appropriate age sign in sheet.
  • A Care form will be provided upon arrival so that you may let the staff know the details of feeding schedules, sleeping schedules, and dietary restrictions.

Children will only be released to persons for whom the center has written authorization. Written authorization will take place before the child is placed in the center on the Bears Den enrollment form. The authorized persons must also present a picture ID at the time of pick-up.

Learn More

After booking your child care reservation make sure to watch this Welcome to Purgatory video. For more information about the Den, call 970-385-2144.