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Scavenger Hunt Adventures

Recently our friends at Southwest Cycling Coalition, a non-profit that advocates for the cycling community in the Southwest, had a great idea. They created a series of scavenger hunts for adults and kids alike when the shelter in place order went into effect to encourage riders to get out on the trails safely. If you have to stay near home, there’s no better place to be than on the world-class trails in Durango’s backyard!

The kids’ scavenger hunt took place once a week for kiddos who were riding strider bikes all the way up to 5th grade rippers. The SWCC would post a clue on their social media pages with tips on how to find that week’s prize (carefully-wrapped goodie bags filled with stickers, suckers and more). Purgatory contributed a few awesome coloring pages for the goodie bags for three of the scavenger hunts.
Cyclists had fun mulling over the clues and guessing the trails where treasure could be found. Sometimes guesses would lead to the right trail, and sometimes not, creating opportunities to check out new trails. Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? 
SWCC got such great support from not only Purgatory but also other local groups like Every Pedal, Zia, and more. It was great seeing the community come together to enjoy time outside with family while keeping a safe distance from other riders.

Color Your Own Purgatory Coloring Page!

It’s not too late to get in on the coloring fun with your family. To join in, follow the steps below.

scavenger hunt coloring page

1) Print your favorite(s) blank coloring pages:

Biking on the Trails
The PurgLogo
Skiing the Slopes

2) Color it in. Feel free to be as creative as you’d like, embellishments welcome!

3) Share your art on Instagram and tag @SkiPurg, or send us a photo of the finished product to [email protected] We’d love to see and share your finished masterpiece.