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Plan Your Vacation

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Purgatory’s Favorite Summer Running Events

While our running events might not be for another few months, it’s never too early to prep yourself for an adventure! Purgatory’s Muck & Mire Mud Adventure Race sponsored by First National Bank of Durango and the Darn Tough Mountain Marmot Trail Run are community favorites, so be sure to register early to secure your spot!

Never heard of the Muck & Mire or the Marmot Trail Run? Learn more about each adventurous event below!

Muck & Mire Mud Adventure Race

On August 5th from 9am-1pm, come enjoy a down n’ dirty obstacle course at Purgatory. The 5k route has over 20 fun, family-friendly obstacles to overcome, including mud pits, climbing walls, a giant slip n’ slide, and hay bales. While the 5k might be too much for some of the younger crowd, don’t hesitate to bring the kiddos! The “Mini Muck” one-mile race is absolutely perfect for those little mudders! Check out our video highlighting last year’s event and don’t forget to register by June 15th for the lowest pricing! Discounts available for teams, too! Register here.


Darn Tough Mountain Marmot Trail Run

Think you have what it takes to complete one of Durango’s most challenging trail races? The Mountain Marmot Trail Run happens on September 23rd, so you have plenty of time to get in high-altitude trail running shape! This 11.7-mile race follows non-technical single-track up a steady ascent to capture stunning views of the changing Autumn colors. And when you’re done dominating the trail, stop in at the post-race party! Free with entry to the race, you’ll find beer, food, and festivities—you can’t miss it!

Need some trail running tips?

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration happens to the best of us, especially at high elevations. Be sure to start drinking extra water several days before your race, then continue to drink throughout the event. And definitely don’t ignore the warning signs of dehydration! If you experience headaches, nausea, and can’t sweat, it’s time to see the medic.

Breathe Deep

The air is extremely thin at Purgatory’s base elevation of 8,793 feet and only gets less-oxygenated from there. Before you race, practice breathing techniques that send as much oxygen as possible into your bloodstream.


While some people have a difficult time sleeping at elevation, definitely give yourself plenty of time to rest up both before and after a race. We all know rest is the first step towards recovery!

Listen to Your Body

The most important thing you can do while running at elevation is to listen to your body. Have an underlying heart condition? Check in with your primary care physician before training begins! Noticing signs of dehydration? Can’t sleep for days on end? Take a trip to the event medic before, during, or after the race.