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Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard

The Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard is the perfect opportunity for summer season passholders to gain bragging rights among your friends. Make sure your summer pass is scanned when you load the lift–we’ll take care of tracking your daily count and vertical feet.

Think you have what it takes to hold the Number One spot? See who’s racking up days and vert below.


Top 50 Riders

NamePassTotal DaysVertical Feet
ASA V.23542092002975250
TRAVIS G.5771044002870735
COLE F.106117001002964715
HENRY H.63980440021061705
ART Z.3036044002858695
TY W.106121001002652675
KELLY T.3038044002649665
WILLIAM F.4652044002648160
TANNER Y.105983001002545150
ANDREW L.106051001002542140
LANE M.106050001002542140
SAM A.24922090002440635
RYAN S.5664044002539130
NEIL C.2993044002637625
AINSLEY H.3965044002537625
RICH C.23490092002434615
RJ D.3506044002434615
LANCE G.106086001002433110
ELI R.2782044002531605
ROMEO W.5926091002631605
BRENDAN M.105787001002431605
TREMAINE E.1522044002831605
MICHAEL R.23602092002530100
GABRIEL W.5925091002630100
DEVON T.23529092002328595
BRYAN H.753044002428595
COLLEEN Z.3037044002428595
BODIN A.3683044002427090
JAYDEN C.6015044002327090
CLAIRE F.106135001002427090
CODY M.154123002524080
JOHN B.1730044002424080
JOHN M.1784044002324080
CHARLIE B.3588044002424080
JONELLE M.23541092002524080
AUSTIN F.4281044002424080
CADE C.3243044002322575
DALEN T.5843044002322575
JACOB P.6889044002422575
KEENAN B.6880044002321070
CHAD J.106014001002321070
GARY B.106122001002321070
TEO V.5047044002221070
SHANE E.3073044002421070
LOGAN J.6367044002321070
JASMINE J.105856001002621070
OPAL B.2235044002421070
MAXWELL L.3863044002321070
EMILE S.6778044002321070
KANE A.23599092002219565
Updated at: July 06 2020 7:30 pm