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Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard

The Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard is the perfect opportunity for summer season passholders to gain bragging rights among your friends. Make sure your summer pass is scanned when you load the lift–we’ll take care of tracking your daily count and vertical feet.

Think you have what it takes to hold the Number One spot? See who’s racking up days and vert below.


Top 50 Riders

NamePassTotal DaysVertical Feet
TREMAINE E.152204400239285950
TRAVIS G.577104400222285950
RYAN S.566404400225188125
HENRY H.639804400230179095
MICHAEL R.2360209200230173075
NEIL C.299304400228170065
COLE F.10611700100225170065
KELLY T.303804400222165550
ART Z.303604400223153510
RICH C.2349009200218150500
DALEN T.584304400219141470
JASON H.130904400221136955
ASA V.2354209200219136955
ELI R.278204400217132440
LANCE G.10608600100213130935
ANDREW L.10605100100219123410
LOGAN J.636704400215123410
JOHN M.178404400211115885
TY W.10612100100215114380
BODIN A.368304400215108360
CLAIRE F.10613500100214106855
SHANE E.307304400219102340
TOREN A.2487209000217100835
WILLIAM F.46520440021799330
MAXWELL L.38630440021290300
LEO S.58640910021490300
QUINN F.15150440021387290
ROBERT Z.68530440022187290
BRYAN H.7530440021187290
DAVID R.65130440021485785
MIA T.58440440021482775
TANNER Y.1059830010021079765
ANDREW B.52120440021579765
EMILE S.67780440021479765
TYLER D.13800440021279765
AINSLEY H.39650440021278260
JEFFERY T.1058370010021476755
CHARLIE B.35880440021275250
PAUL W.234700920021473745
REESE F.106077001002772240
MADDEN H.50810440021972240
ROMEO W.59260910021770735
CODY M.1541230021770735
GABRIEL W.59250910021670735
NICHOLE H.1057770010021469230
SKYLER T.251290900021369230
DANIEL H.106078001002769230
ELLEN S.1058660010021369230
JAYDEN C.6015044002869230
MIKE B.248760900021567725
Updated at: September 29 2020 7:30 pm