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Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard

NEW this summer, the Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard is the perfect opportunity for summer season passholders to gain bragging rights among your friends. Make sure your summer pass is scanned when you load the lift–we’ll take care of tracking your daily count and vertical feet.

Think you have what it takes to hold the Number One spot? See who’s racking up days and vert below.

Top 50 Riders

NamePassTotal DaysVertical Feet
TRAVIS G.717100600231249175
ANDY A.927809000224113725
ASA V.536070010021497825
KAILLA M.559460010021884280
MATTHEW H.554380010021981270
JOSH V.92180900021175250
RYAN S.72140060021366220
MACK O.530790010021164715
SEAN H.13480950021358695
SIMON D.55826001002957190
DOMINIC L.478500010021755685
STREATER N.15810950021155685
BENJAMIN B.9249090002848160
KELLY T.88140920021248160
COLTON A.50726001002948160
ALEX M.10810990021346655
LOGAN J.7169006002846655
ANDY M.72190060021046115
PARKER R.51882001002843645
BRYAN H.53729001002743645
DARIAN H.1575095002642140
ALEC E.52730001002740635
BRYCE S.1448095002839130
SHAW K.54253001002736120
TRAVIS S.48463001002734615
RICH C.2496091002634615
IAN H.53731001002633110
Lucas L.54878001002831605
MATT H.51728001002830100
MICAH A.9047090002528595
JADEN K.8903092002428595
ALEX K.69330060021028595
ADAM D.49405001002727090
DANIELLE E.56549001002527090
NATHAN P.50699001002626975
TRISTAN M.52739001002425585
CHRIS F.9314090002625585
KENNETH H.9317090002425585
CAROLYN S.49787001002724080
JEFFREY T.1159099002724080
JASON A.9044090002424080
ADAM S.7187006002324080
WILLIAM F.9388090002322575
BEN M.51242001002522575
JAKE S.56324001002621070
ALBERT W.7191006002421070
MAXWELL L.51534001002321070
BENJAMIN B.51190001002419565
RYNE W.53118001002319565
TYLER R.52132001002419565
Updated at: August 17 2018 7:30 pm