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New Mountain Biking Skills Park Makes Learning Fun

Do you ever find yourself at the Bear Bar, enjoying a snack or refreshment, while you watch the mountain bikers fly down the trails and think “man, that looks really fun!” Mountain biking sure can be pure joy but can have the opposite effect if you’re not in control, or trying out trails and features that are above your ability level.

So where do novice and intermediate bikers go to get comfortable with the features found in the Purgatory Bike Park? Our new skills park!

This summer the Purgatory Bike Park is proud to offer the perfect low-risk environment complete with skinny’s, log roll-overs, rock garden, tabletop, drops, banked turns, rollers and more! Not only is the skills park a fun place to practice these obstacles, but “as you move from feature to feature you start to understand how the fundamental you just learned, or are combining with a previous skill, applies to the new challenge,” says JB Brier, Purgatory’s Ski & Snowboard School Director. “Did I also mention it’s fun?”

Other perks of the skills area:

  • You don’t have to worry about bikers zipping past you while you’re working on a new task.
  • The features are approachable and start low to the ground.
  • The area is an open, flat and grassy area so you can see what’s coming, prepare without worrying about staying on narrow singletrack or avoiding trees, and have a soft surface to land on.
  • Features are progressive so you can slowly learn to get more air or work up to going faster.
  • Did we mention it’s fun? You forget that you’re learning!


The skills park is great for riders of all abilities to learn or brush up on skills, however, to take full advantage of these features it’s recommended you take a lesson with one of our expert guides. “The skills park wasn’t designed as a space for someone to do a ‘solo’ mission,” says Brier. “If someone ventures into that area on their own, without guidance, they really don’t know the progression of features (which one should I hit first?), how to hit them (elements of skill that instructors teach), what speed should I hit them, etc.”

Both private and group lessons are available, and our team would love to help customize the best instruction for you! Learn more by visiting our lessons page here, calling our team at (970) 385-2181, or swinging in Cycle Works Bike Shop, located on the second floor of the Village Center. For other great tips, check out our beginner’s guide.

The skills park is open anytime the bike park is open (view our hours of operation here) and requires a bike park ticket (or get unlimited access to the the bike park, Inferno Mountain Coaster and more with a day ticket). Remember to purchase yours in advance to save!

Happy trails!