Plan Your Vacation
Plan Your Vacation

New! Order food and/or drinks right from your phone while you're at the resort.

Place your order when you’re starting to feel hungry, take a couple more laps then head to the selected restaurant and pick up your food when you received a notification.

A happy group at Purgatory Resort.

We’re #MissingPurg

From proposals and snowy selfies to happy kids and beautiful days, we have a lot of reasons for #MissingPurg. Special moments with our favorite ski buddies and family members are created time and time again at Purgatory Resort.

A big thank you to everyone who shared their memories and photos with us! We’ve loved walking down memory lane, and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

We hope you’ll continue to share your photos and stories with us. Feel free to message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or use the hashtag #MissingPurg for a chance to be featured.

A special thanks to Angela Park, Karla Escudero, J.R., Larry Gallas, Susan Vandenberg, Laney Jane Beauty, Cassie, Penny Hall, Dustin Miller, Noel Franz, M. Sherry Bowman, Rodney Rowan, David Menet, Teresa Carpenter, Stacie Hampton, Michael Roberts, Ken Homza, Deborah Powers, Sharon Hunter, Johnny Bunsen and Debbie Krueger.