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Meet the Man Who Is Skiing Over 150 Days This Season

Every season some of us decide on a goal of the number of days we want to ski or snowboard during the winter. For those who don’t live near a ski area this might be 5 days during Spring Break. Maybe you’re a local with a flexible work or class schedule and are aiming for a nice even 50 days. Or perhaps you are dead set on the famous 100-day mark. But over 150 days? Who skis that much? We caught up with local skier Brian Martinez to find out.

Tell us a bit about your background?
I grew up in Seattle. I started skiing is junior high school. Then after serving 8 years in the Navy and graduating from college, I worked for FedEx for 27 years. I retired in 2013. I bought a condo in Tamarron in 2015 and for 3 years spent 6 months up here and then 6 months in Phoenix. Last summer I realized that I had fallen in love with living in the Rockies so I sold my AZ home and moved up here full-time last November.

What inspired you to ski so much this season?
I have always skied as many days as I can but after retiring and buying my condo I decided to ski every day that Purgatory is open. I have done that for 4 straight years.

Have there been any days where it has been tough to motivate yourself to go skiing?
I have never had a problem getting motivated to ski.

What’s been your best day of the season (so far)?
My best day of the season was about 1 month ago. We had gotten 12 inches of powder the night before and Styx had been groomed. My ski group was the second group to enter Styx. Everyone had a big smile on their faces. 

What’s your advice for anyone trying to achieve a ski days goal next season?
Set your goal at the beginning of the ski season. Another issue is staying healthy so don’t do stupid things while skiing.

What’s your favorite part about Purgatory?
The best thing about Purgatory is the people. It is a down to Earth ski area.


Quick round:
Favorite run at Purg? Chet’s
Best spot to grab lunch? PowderHouse or the Durango Mountain Club
Record number of days skid in a season? I’ve skied 153 days [as of April 21] this season. I also have skied over 2,000,000 vertical feet.
Deepest powder day? 1.5 months ago we were skiing in 3 feet of powder.