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Improvements to the Legends Bypass!

As part of the capital improvement projects for this coming winter, Purgatory announced that we would enhance access from the previous midway loading station to the bottom of the Legends Express Lift 8 high-speed quad for intermediate skiers and snowboarders.   The Forest Service recently approved our plan to improve the Legends Bypass to be more user friendly for intermediate skiers.

legends express 440x440

The changes we’re making to the Bypass will be a vast improvement.  We are re-grading it with the goal of making it a 16% grade overall, which will be more gradual than what exists currently.  We are altering the steep drop to the lift by extending the bottom switchback to the west by 300 feet.  Lengthening the turn allows us to stretch out the grade and make it more of a gentle run out to the bottom of the Legends Express.

The upper turns on the Bypass are being enhanced as well.  We are increasing the width of the trail to a minimum of 30 feet wide, which will allow our snowcats to move through the trail with greater ease.  Purgatory now has more snowmaking equipment on the backside, which allows us to provide better early season coverage and keep a more consistent skiing surface throughout the season.

Overall, these efforts should provide a drastically improved experience for our intermediate skiers who enjoy skiing favorite trails like Legends, Chet’s, Sally’s, and Vincent’s.

See you on the mountain!