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The Game-Changing Burton Binding is Coming to Purgatory!

Order the Burton Step On binding at the Burton shop at Purgatory. Demos available 11/18.

After four years of development and five months in secrecy, the Burton Step On binding has officially been released. While clip-in bindings (as opposed to strap-on) have been around since the 1990s, they’ve focused on convenience instead of performance. So what makes the Burton Step On binding so special?

Chris Cunningham, global VP of product, says,”We developed it for performance first, instead of just focusing on the attachment.”

For example, the Step On binding’s baseplate is lined with thick foam, which absorbs shock and provides flexion along with the board.

To give an even steadier connection, the heel-mounted clip is positioned in the high back. This positioning allows users to make a toe-side turn with precision. But don’t be alarmed: Cunningham says, “…The boot can still rock side-to-side and rotate like in a traditional binding.”



The toe clips are positioned on the edges of the boot, which means zero components underneath the foot. Just simple, easy, Step On techno2logy.

For more reviews and videos of the Step On binding in action, check out Burton’s website.

If you’re ready to demo these yourself, head to the Burton shop at Purgatory on opening day, November 18th. Or, if you need your own pair ASAP, call 970-385-2261 to place your order today!