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Go with the Flow on Sept. 10th!

Hi, I’m Matthew, Events Manager at Purgatory Resort.  We’re all really excited about the upcoming Mountain Bike Festival and Flow Trail Race on September 10th.  If you have never participated in a downhill race before, I’ll share a couple thoughts that might be helpful.

Purgatory Flow Trail

Purgatory Flow Trail

So, let’s talk gravity.  One of the coolest things about the Divinity Flow Trail is that it is truly meant to be ridden without pedaling at all.  It was designed and built with a lot of thought and attention to making it truly “gravity powered.”  So, think of it not so much as a race to go as fast as you can.  Instead, think of it more as a strategic race where the goal is to maintain momentum.  The bumps, curves, slope, and features are all designed to keep you moving.  If you’re doing it right, you can literally ride this trail without a chain on your bike.

For those of you who aren’t quite there yet, not to worry.  We have a race category for riders who may still want their chain.  It takes some practice to get to the point where you feel comfortable letting gravity take control, so feel free to race with your chain if that’s more your speed.

mountain biking flow trail 1160x604Our race organizer is Grady James, the same guy who puts on the Zia town races and who helped design and build the Flow Trail.  So, you know it’s going to be an awesome event!wall ride flow trail 440x440

And remember, it’s not just a race.  We have a full day of MTB festivities, including a group ride in the morning that will explore all the great single-track that the mountain has to offer.  September is probably my favorite time to ride up at Purgatory.  The morning air is crisp and cool, perfect for a heart-pumping, quad-burning ride up the World’s course.  We’ll have a few different groups to match whatever distance and pace you are looking for, all of them led by local riders who know the trails.

So whatever speed you’re looking for, join us on September 10th!  It’s going to be a really fun day at Purgatory Resort.