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Tequila Night

Just $15 for this special tasting event, and space is limited to just 35 people.

For this special Spring Break event, we will introduce you to the wonderful world of tequila.  A tequila expert will present four excellent tequilas representing the various categories and regions of tequila.  While sampling each tequila, you will learn all about its history, how it is distilled, the different varieties, and more.

And then… we have a special tequila cocktail for you to enjoy, and our guest bartenders will teach you how to make this amazing drink at home.

Just $15/person.  Purchase in advance — this event will sell out.

For this event, we have partnered with El Moro Spirits and Tavern, one of the finest restaurants in Durango!

El Moro is known as THE place in Durango for the best and most creative cocktails, as well as excellent food.  Their general managers will join us on the mountain to lead this special tasting event.  They have carefully selected special tequilas, and the cocktail they will be preparing for us is a unique creation found only at El Moro.

During the tasting, you will experience:

  • Highlands tequila (Siete Leguas)
  • Lowlands tequila (Fortaleza Blanco)
  • Tequila reposado (Tequila Ocho)
  • Tequila anejo (123 Anejo)

This tasting event is designed to expand your horizons beyond the world of Jose Cuervo, and into some of the higher quality sipping tequilas that you may not have experienced before.

And the special cocktail to follow is called the Manzana Grande.  You will receive the recipe so you can make this fantastic cocktail at home.

This is a classy event and at $15/person it will sell out quickly.  We limit attendance to just 35 people to ensure that we can make this a fun experience where you can interact with the presenters, ask questions, and learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about tequila.

To purchase tickets for this special event, call our Reservations Center at 800-525-0892.

Price:  $15/person.