Plan Your Vacation
Plan Your Vacation

New! Order food and/or drinks right from your phone while you're at the resort.

Place your order when you’re starting to feel hungry, take a couple more laps then head to the selected restaurant and pick up your food when you received a notification.

St. Paddy’s Day Party!

We will be partying out on the Beach for St. Paddy’s day. Dress in green and get ready to show your Irish spirit while participating in our St. Paddy’s Day bar games. From Beer Pong to a Scavenger Hunt St. Paddy’s Day is going to be wild! Winners of each game will get to pick out of a prize package!

Beer pong

  • $15 per team/21 years old to enter
  • Sign up by 11:00am at the Bear Bar
  • 2 people per team
  • Starts at 12:00 pm
  • Single Elimination – Championship game starts at 3:30pm
  • Das Boot Race

    • $5 dollars per person/21 years old to enter
    • 5 people to a team
    • Starts at 4:00pm at the Bear Bar
    • First four on each team chug 16oz beers and the fifth team member chugs out of DAS BOOT! First team to finish wins.
  • Stein N’ Ski Relay Race

    • Have you ever seen Out Cold? This is Purgatory’s take on King of the Mountain!
    • Sign up at the Bear Bar prior to 1pm
    • 3 People to a team
    • Start with stein full of liquid, relay to next teammate at bottom of midway 2, then relay to next teammate at midway loading of lift 4, and finish at fire pit.
    • Most liquid in the Stein at the end of the race wins!
    • Two winners: over 21 and under 21
  • Scavenger hunt

    • For all ages
    • Teams of 2-4
    • Free to play
    • Scavengers start searching at 10:00am and have to be at the fire pit at 5:00pm with all the items they have found. 
    • Retrieve the list at Purgy’s bar the Friday or the day of. Clues will be posted on @skipurg Instagram Stories.