Plan Your Vacation
Plan Your Vacation

New! Order food and/or drinks right from your phone while you're at the resort.

Place your order when you’re starting to feel hungry, take a couple more laps then head to the selected restaurant and pick up your food when you received a notification.

Scavenger Hunt!

Find the items on the list below, snap a photo, and you just might win some cool prizes!

The Rules:

  1. On the morning of the scavenger hunt, we will post on this web page a very specific instruction of something you need to do in all the photos.  Here is your instruction:  In every photo you must have your left pinky finger on your lip like Dr. Evil.
  1. You must get at least 14 of the 20 photos on the list in order to be eligible for the prize.  All participants who get at least 14 of the photos will be entered into a drawing for prizes.
  1. You must appear in every photo.
  1. You must come inside the ticket office at 3pm on Saturday to show us your photos and be eligible for prizes.
  1. At 3:30 on Saturday, the prize drawing will take place and winners will be announced.



If you complete the scavenger hunt, your name will be entered into a drawing for several prizes, including:

  • Free pizza dinner
  • Free s’mores
  • Free round of beers at the Bear Bar (yes, scavenger hunts are for grownups, too!)


List of Items to Find

Take a photo of yourself with each of the following items, and remember — you must follow the very specific instruction that will be posted the night before the scavenger hunt.

  1. The view from top of Lift 8
  2. The Bear Bar bear
  3. A picture with Engineer Mountain in the background
  4. The 50th anniversary coffee table book
  5. One of our Guest Services ambassadors (orange jacket)
  6. A Steamworks beer can
  7. Any trail sign with the letter “Z” in it
  8. Our Snowsports School counter
  9. Inside the Burton store
  10. Any trail sign with the letter “X” in it
  11. The view from inside Powderhouse
  12. A menu from Paradise Pizzeria
  13. A Colorado Bulldog
  14. The tubing hill
  15. The deck at Dante’s
  16. A picnic table in the middle of a ski run
  17. A dog on the ski beach
  18. A Ska beer can
  19. A Stetson hat
  20. A terrain park feature