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Happy Hops Hunt!

Find the cans of Steamworks Third Eye beer hidden on the mountain, and win some great prizes!

Before the lifts open, Ski patrol will hide eight cans of Third Eye Pale Ale at different locations around the mountain.  The cans don’t have beer in them, but they do have prize vouchers for some cool stuff.  If you find one, you could win a Steamworks hat, a $25 gift card, a six-pack of beer, and other great prizes!

We’ll post clues to the hiding spots on social media the morning of the event.

If you find a can, just bring it in and claim your prize!

If you’re under 21, we’ll swap the beer prize for something equally cool.

While you’re out there skiing and hunting, you just might bump into the owners of Steamworks Brewing.  They are out there on the slopes most Friday afternoons, and they just might buy you a beer if you run into them.

Also, be sure to check out the Firkin keg at Purgy’s in the afternoon.  It’s always something unique and tasty!

Good luck, and happy hops hunting!

Hops Hunt dates:  December 2, February 3, and March 3.