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“Beach Fest” Field Day! (Canceled)

*** This event has been canceled.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  ***


Join us for this fun day on the mountain, with an afternoon full of all the classic ‘field day’ events you love!  This event is fun for all ages — parents, you are encouraged to join in the fun with your kids!

Remember how much fun you had at summer camp as a kid, tossing water balloons and doing wheelbarrow races with your friends?  We’re bringing back all those great events to create a fun-filled day on the mountain.

Earn points in each event that you participate in.  Prizes will be awarded at the end!

No advance registration required, just come on out to the beach at 1pm and we’ll get you started!

Wear appropriate footwear for running around.  Please no sandals.  And wear clothing that you are okay getting wet and dirty!

List of Events:

Participants can compete in any or all of the following events:

Frisbee partner toss:  Compete with a partner to see how many times you can toss the frisbee without it hitting the ground.  Take a step backwards after each throw to make it harder.

Three legged race:  Just like at the family picnic.  Compete with a partner.

Hula-hoop competition:  Last as long as you can without stopping.  Extra points awarded for style!

Water sponge relay:  We will group you up in teams for this one.  Soak your sponge in your bucket of water, run 50 yards to an empty bucket, squeeze the sponge, run back.  First team to fill their empty bucket wins!

Frisbee distance/accuracy toss:  We’ll set up a target 40 yards away and measure your accuracy!

Push-up competition:  How many can you do?  Three minutes, and your chin must touch the grass each time!

Sock tag:  This one is a crowd favorite!  Shoes off, and we’ll give you a pair of tube socks to wear.  Participants start off seated with their legs extended in front of them.  When we say “Go,” it’s just like a game of tag except you cannot stand up, and your object is to try to pull a sock off of the other participants’ feet.  Last person with both socks on wins!

Jump rope competition:  We’ll do this two ways.  First, most jumps in a minute.  Then, duration — last person jumping without making any mistakes wins!

Tug of war:  The mother of all field day events!  We will split you into teams and let the battle begin!

800 meter run:  Not tired enough yet?  You will be after a grueling sprint around the Pando short track.

Chocolate pudding races:  Never heard of this one?  It’s the most fun you’ve ever had with chocolate pudding, guaranteed.  Partner up, grab some pudding and a spoon, and start feeding your partner.  The catch — your both laying on your backs, head-to-head.  First team to finish their pudding wins!

Water balloon toss:  The one you’ve all been waiting for!  It’s hot and you want to get wet.  Partner up, and keep tossing into that balloon drops.  Take a step back after each toss to make it harder.


Points will be awarded for each event.  The more events you participate in, the more points you earn!  Prizes will be awarded at the end.


1 – 1:15:  Sign ups!

1:15 – 2:45:  Competition!

2:45 – 3:  Judges tally results!

3:00:  Awards and celebration!