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Plan Your Vacation

New! Order food and/or drinks right from your phone while you're at the resort.

Place your order when you’re starting to feel hungry, take a couple more laps then head to the selected restaurant and pick up your food when you received a notification.

Donation Requests

How to Request a Donation

In order to be considered by the Contributions Committee, all donation requests must:

  • Be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to the date the donation is needed
  • Provide the name of the event as well as the date on which it will take place
  • Provide proper tax-exempt status
  • Provide a brief summary of the organization and how it benefits the individuals it serves and the community at large
  • Provide a brief summary of the function at which the donated item(s) will be used to generate funds
  • Be specific with regard to item(s) requested (with the understanding that the Committee will use this only as a guideline, but will not be restricted by or limited to the requested item(s) and may choose a different item, if any)
  •  Indicate how the funds generated by the donated item(s) will be used by the organization
  • Include contact person’s name, phone number, mailing address, and email address (if available)

Please note that any donation request not meeting all of the above criteria is subject to possible automatic denial.

Submit your request electronically to:

Email: [email protected]

Please note that requests will ONLY be accepted electronically through the contributions email account.  Requests that are called in or mailed in via hard copy will not be considered.       

Please limit your request to once per year. Any donation request granted by Purgatory Resort should not be considered as a future commitment. Please understand that, although there are many worthy causes, Purgatory Resort receives hundreds of requests each year, making it impossible to fulfill all of them. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your interest in Purgatory Resort!