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DC Terrain Park is Open! Get Our Park Feature Rundown

With cool temperatures over the last week and hard work from snowmakers and the park crew, DC Terrain Park is open for the season! Plus, we’re making snow in Pitchfork and we’ll be working on Paradise once snowmaking is complete at Lift 8.
Here’s what you can expect at DC Terrain Park, from top to bottom:
-12 Foot Round Tube
-27 Down Flat Bar
-22 Foot Donkey Tube
We’re stoked to keep working on the park as the season continues. Our next rebuild will happen in time for the 2nd annual NYE Rail Jam, happening December 31 right after the fireworks end. This is a legit event: the jam happens under the lights, and while the park includes some pretty advanced features, there will be something for everyone. New over last year: we’re eliminating the haul cat and condensing the course to give competitors more laps in our hike-to jam park. This is quickly becoming a signature event but we’re still keeping the low entry fee at $10. Learn more at the event page and register today!  
While we work on these additional parks, here is what you can expect at the parks today:
Headwaters includes:
-7 Foot Flat Box
-Double Set of Rollers
– 7 Foot Tabletop
The Bank includes:
-16 Foot Flat Box
-20 Foot Flat Box
-15 Foot Tabletop
This season is off to a strong start and our goal is to have full park builds this winter. Expect new parks and features coming soon!