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Vehicle Maintenance Technician–Level II

Position Title: 

Technician--Level II

Reports To: 

Director--Vehicle Maintenance


Vehicle / Equipment Maintenance

General Purpose:

Service and repair all Purgatory Resort vehicles and equipment.


Essential Duties/ Responsibilities:

  • Service and repair vehicles and equipment.
  • Operate independently to diagnose problems on assigned tasks and to formulate solutions in accordance with Equipment Maintenance Objective Guidelines.
  • Utilize technicians as necessary to fulfill objectives.
  • Confer with Shop Supervisor when projected repair costs/time exceed $100.00 and/or eight (8) man-hours.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Inspect equipment function, track hours & warranty information.
  • Understand Employee Handbook, and support company policies.
  • Complete work orders, maintain work histories
  • Parts inventory, ordering, & procurement
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Knowledge of mechanical, electrical and tools and equipment.  Solid knowledge of vehicle operation.  Knowledge in three of the following types of equipment; Passenger trucks, snowmobiles, grooming equipment, heavy equipment, buses and transportation vehicles. Alertness, precision, concentration, memory, patience and auditory, tactile and visual discrimination necessary.

Special Certifications/Licensing: Valid Colorado Driver’s License

Education or Formal Training: Trade school preferred.

Experience:  Two years combined mechanical and/or mechanical experience in a ski resort.

Material and Equipment Directly Used:

Trucks, vans, buses, heavy maintenance equipment, grooming equipment, snowmobiles, steam cleaner, hand tools, air tools, electric grinders, drill press, AC/DC welder, lubricants and solvent tank.

Working Environment/ Physical Activities:

60% of the workday is spent indoors and 40% is spent outdoors in constantly changing weather conditions, in all seasons, including icy and wet conditions with oil slicks present.  75% of the workday is spent walking.  Frequently lifting parts and components weighing up to 75 pounds, carrying objects up to 30 pounds, and occasionally pushing disabled vehicles weighing up to 2000 pounds.  Occasionally handling the controls for equipment operation.  Working conditions and potential hazards include high amperage/high voltage electrical, welding flash, noxious fumes, and petroleum distillates.  Noise levels reach 60-110 decibels for up to 80% of the workday.

Frequently stooping, climbing, kneeling, crouching, reaching, fingering, and feeling objects.  Occasionally climbing, balancing, and crawling.  Constantly handling objects.  Near and far acuity, depth perception, accommodation, field of vision necessary. This is a non-skiing position.

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