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Ski Valet

Position Title: 

Ski Valet

Reports To: 

DMC Management


Durango Mountain Club

General Purpose:

Operate Ski Valet Storage facility in Durango Mountain Club, which includes storing of skis, poles, snowboards, helmets, and boots for club members. Maintain Fitness Center, Locker Room, and Pool/Jacuzzi area. Operational hours are one hour prior to mountain opening and one hour after mountain opening (usually 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., although hours are sometimes adjusted for spring skiing).

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

Provide consistently friendly and professional welcoming atmosphere for Club members and guests. Learn the names of Club members; greet them warmly as they arrive and thank them at the end of the day.

Provide personalized, “helpful” customer services: as Club members arrive, ask what equipment they will be using that day and if they want their boots warmed on the dryers; bring their boots to them in the locker room; bring their skis/boards out of the ski valet and place them on the racks in the hall. Offer assistance in getting ski boots on. At the end of the day, as they return come out of the valet and retrieve skis/boards from Club members; don’t wait for them to be brought to you. Be especially helpful to children.

Store Member’s/guest’s equipment ski/snowboard racks in a way that can be easily located and returned to the guest in an orderly manner, using the Ski Valet Management System. All equipment must be recorded in the Management System and checked in and out, to and from Club members. Assure that all stored equipment items have bar code stickers and that they match what is recorded in the Management System.

When necessary/appropriate, verify Club access rights by politely requesting to see a valid DMMA/DMC picture id card. Become familiar with the service differences provided to DMC vs. DMMA members.

Ensure that ski/board racks and boot storage are securely and accurately stored in order to protect member’s equipment and permit retrieval for the next check out. Properly lock the facility at the end of the day and during any times when absent from the valet.

Leave “will be back in __ minutes” sign when away from the facility during business hours.

Maintain Computer Ski Valet Management System in an orderly fashion and assure Club member information is always up to date.

Close out at the end of the work shift, balancing paperwork, and ensuring all proper procedures are followed for the closing of the day.

Notify Club management immediately of any equipment that appears to be lost, abandoned, or damaged.

Maintain ski valet area in a functional, welcoming condition, including cleaning, up- to-date signage, access control barriers, etc.

Organize and clean ski valet in preparation for the winter season; clean-up and “mothball” the ski valet facility at the end of the season and store materials for summer.

Manage Club member and day locker key boxes. Keep Club member key box locked. Assure membership rights before providing member locker keys. Check return boxes each morning for return of day locker keys. Assist in distribution of new lockers/keys to new Club members.

Make hourly rounds of the lower lounge, pool/hot tub, fitness center, locker room, and down stairs rest rooms (indoor and outdoor) to check for dirty towels, supply of clean towels, cleanliness, trash, proper operation of equipment, water cooler supply, elevator operation, etc.

Learn procedures for the two ski valet quick wax services; check Club member skis and boards and offer service when appropriate.

Learn procedures for overnight ski/board tunes via Expert Edge; offer service to Club members. Check with Expert Edge to confirm return time for equipment before committing to the customer.

Learn use of DMMA/DMC ID card system; process new and replacement cards for authorized DMMA and DMC members only. If unsure of member status, check with Club management first.

Answer the ski valet phone by saying, “Good morning/afternoon, this is _name_ with the Durango Mountain Club Ski Valet, how may I help you?” Check the ski valet voice mail for any messages and handle as appropriate.

Learn guest ski storage services pricing and service periods; provide services using proper forms and collect payment at beginning of the service period.

Become familiar with all Club services and membership levels in order to answer potential Club member questions.  Keep a supply of Club brochures on hand for potential Club members.

Other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities: Solid customer relations skills. Basic knowledge of cash handling, accounting skills, and computer skills.

Alertness, reliability, courtesy, precision, problem solving, concentration, judgment, patience, and oral and written communication skills are necessary abilities.

Education or Formal Training: High School Diploma or GED preferred.

Experience: None required.

Material and Equipment Directly Used:

Telephone, cash box, and use of computer with some Excel experience.

Working Environment/Physical Activities:

75% of the workday is spent indoors, working with guests and staff. 60% of the work day is spent standing, 35% is spent walking, and 5% is spent sitting.

Frequently lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling objects weighing up to 50 pounds. Constantly engaged in normal conversation. Frequently reaching, handling, fingering, near acuity, depth perception, and use of color and field of vision. Occasionally climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, and feeling.

Atmospheric conditions occasionally include odors, dusts, fabric/dye fumes, and poor ventilation. Occasional exposure to mechanical hazards and burns. This is a non-skiing position.

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