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Retail Supervisor – Purgatory Sports Mountain

Position Title: 

Retail Supervisor

Reports To: 

Retail Manager




Assist in supervising the human, financial and physical resources of Purgatory Sports, in order to provide a sound financial return to the company while providing an enjoyable and efficient facility for guests.


  • Supervise daily store operations, including cleaning, merchandising and display.
  • Directly supervise the Purgatory Sports sales clerks on a daily basis.
  • Work on the floor with the sales staff.
  • Prepare daily business reports to maintain accurate and up-to-date record of revenues, monitor and maintain appropriate cash levels in register and change banks.
  • Assist Retail Manager in monitoring of staffing levels to maintain appropriate budgetary levels.
  • Assist in the accurate tagging and merchandising of store products.
  • Monitor and maintain appropriate inventory levels.  Notify Retail Manager when inventory levels require re-ordering.
  • Make recommendations to the Retail Manager of additional or new products that should be considered for the store in the future.
  • Assist in training staff on store and company procedures, product and customer service.
  • Assist in reviewing staff hours worked reports to ensure they are accurate and complete.
  • Complete employee seasonal reviews to ensure communication of job performance with each staff member.
  • Resolve guest concerns/problems to the satisfaction of the guest and protection of the company’s interests.


  • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Solid knowledge of accounting principles, employee management, merchandising and retail industry. Possess excellent customer relations and problem solving skills.  Alertness, precision, ingenuity, problem solving, analytic ability, spatial perception, persuasiveness, auditory, tactile and visual discrimination, memory, creativity, concentration, judgement, aesthetic sense, reasoning, imagination, initiative, patience, strong oral and written communication skills are necessary abilities.

Education or Formal Training:  High school diploma or GED required.

Experience:  Minimum of 1 year of retail and management experience.

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