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Reporting Analyst

Position Title: 

Reporting Analyst

Reports To: 

Senior Director of Finance and Accounting



General Purpose:

Entry Level Analyst position needed to produce timely and accurate reporting to management and ensure that the company has all of the tools and data available to make financial, operational, budgeting, and marketing & sales decisions.  This position will be located in the downtown Durango Office in the Purgatory Sports Building located at 2615 Main Avenue.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Help generate, build, and organize all reports for all MCP entities.
  • Responsible for maintaining budget templates and reports.
  • Responsible for the accuracy of all reporting.
  • Responsible for the timeliness of all reporting.
  • Responsible for organizing and archiving all past and future reporting.
  • Work with revenue and marketing departments to brainstorm and generate the necessary reporting to assist in all areas of the organization.
  • Make recommendations for the improvement and evolution of revenue reporting.
  • Work with the IT department to pull reports and data out of the company’s various softwares using customizable SQL scripts.
  • Manage cross-reporting amongst MCP entities.
  • Provide input into building the company’s long-term reporting solutions.
  • Sort, analyze, interpret and make inferences within large pools of data.

Job Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Must be able to learn and navigate the reporting aspects of the company’s various software systems.
  • Must have expert knowledge in MS Excel, Google Docs, and capable of becoming efficient with any other office suite product or business management tool that might be introduced. 
  • Must have surface knowledge of the IT field and the ability to communicate and work effectively with IT professionals.
  • Must be able to be taught something at a generic level and be able to apply it to future and varying situations that may be similar but deviate from the origin.
  • Must be able to work, be productive with, and foster professional relationships with coworkers who work remotely.
  • Alertness, precision, problem-solving, analytic ability, memory, concentration, judgement, reasoning, initiative, patience are necessary.
  • Confidentiality and the ability to not discuss or disclose sensitive information is a must.

Education or Formal Training:

Accounting or finance degree preferred with appropriate experience. IT backgrounds will be considered as well.

Experience: At least 2 years in analytical data and spreadsheet work.

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