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Public Safety Officer – Part Time Evening Shift

Position Title: 

Public Safety Office

Reports To: 

Public Safety Supervisor


Community Services

General Purpose:

To provide continuing observation and surveillance of Purgatory buildings and property including all hotel areas.  To ensure safety and security of property and people in a friendly, courteous and professional manner.  To curtail and minimize criminal misconduct and activity.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

Safeguard property belonging to Purgatory and visitors.

Accurately document daily activity and reporting as well as any incident of a questionable nature.

Reports should document only facts.  Facts should reveal who, what, when, where and  how.  Reports must contain date, time and location of the incident or accident.  If evidence can be gathered, do so and safeguard until it can be properly disposed of.

Respond immediately to any request for assistance, especially medical, fire and unknown circumstances.  In case of injury, remain with injured party until trained medical personnel arrive.  Communicate with front desk and others as applicable to situation.

Incidents and accidents of a serious nature must be reported to the Sheriff’s Department or Colorado State Patrol.  When they are called in, the Security Office will assist in any way possible.  Evidence, if available, should be gathered, including photographs.

Pools, hot tubs and saunas will be secured nightly at 2300 Hours.

Vehicles will not be driven off the Purgatory property except in the proper performance of recognized duty.  If a vehicle is to be driven off property, permission must first be obtained by the supervisor, Senior Vice President of Community Services.  The vehicle must be maintained and checked for fuel and oil daily.

Assist with wedding and event security as needed.

Other Responsibilities:

Each shift will be required to physically check in with hotel front desk no less than four times per shift, approximately every two hours in addition to any special requests.

Mountain area checks will be made daily if and when circumstances allow.

Weather conditions are not an excuse for ignoring job responsibilities.

In communicating, follow chain of command to uphold department integrity and efficiency and reinforce team effort.

Assist hotel staff as required.

Trash pickup as required.

Plowing snow when circumstances allow.

From time to time, location checks will be made by security personnel.  These will be time sensitive and will be required as deemed necessary by the supervisor and/or management.

There will be no sleeping or casual reading while on duty.

All overtime must be approved in advance by supervisor.  Employees may not punch in until 15 minutes before shift starts.  Employees must punch out at scheduled time, unless pre-approved by supervisor.  If circumstances require an employee to work beyond scheduled time, the employee must justify this in writing and submit to Supervisor for approval.

Employees are expected to be neat and clean when reporting to work.

Footwear is to be kept polished and/or clean when reporting for work.

Job Qualifications:

  •   Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Solid knowledge of fire evacuation and mountain rescue procedures, radio codes and use.  Be free of any felony and/or misdemeanor conviction which involves a crime of violence and/or of theft. Alertness, precision, ingenuity, problem solving, analytic ability, spatial perception, persuasiveness, auditory, tactile, visual and olfactory discrimination, memory, creativity, concentration, judgement, aesthetic sense, reasoning, imagination, initiative, patience, oral and written communication skills are necessary abilities.
  •   Education or Formal Training:  Current and valid Colorado driver’s license.  First Aid and CPR certification.
  •   Experience:  Law enforcement and public relations experience helpful.

Material and Equipment Directly Used: Radio, trucks, vans, snowmobiles, hand tools and simple office equipment.

Working Environment/Physical Activities:

40% of the work day is spent indoors: 60% of the work day is spent outdoors in constantly changing weather conditions, including snow, extreme cold and wet in winter and heat, thunder and lightening storms in summer. 60% of the work day is spent walking, 20% of the work day is spent standing, and 20% is spent sitting. The work day may be a day, evening or night shift. The evening and night shift walk and stand in the dark.

Frequently lifting and carrying objects weighing up to 50 pounds. Occasionally pushing and pulling objects weighing up to 50 pounds. Frequently talking and listening, smelling, near and far acuity, depth perception, color and field of vision. Frequently using radio controls. Occasionally climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, handling, fingering and feeling.

Noise levels can reach 95 decibels for 50% of the work day. Occasional exposure to fumes, odors, dusts, mists, gases in the atmosphere. Occasional exposure to mechanical and electrical hazards, high exposed work site, burns, radiant energy and toxic or caustic chemicals. This is a non-skiing position.


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