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Parking and Snow Removal

Position Title: 

Parking and Snow Removal

Reports To: 

Supervisor on Duty


Grounds Maintenance

General Purpose:


Provide information, directions and assistance with parking, to aid the orderly arrival and departure of guests.


Essential Duties/ Responsibilities:

  • Direct traffic to appropriate ramps and lots in a slow and continuous flow and direct the parking of cars in a safe and effective manner.
  • Provide accurate information to guests or direct them to proper location for assistance. Act as information host/ hostess.
  • Monitor trash throughout parking areas and roadways.
  • Report any existing or potential safety hazard to supervisor immediately.
  • Parking attendants must also facilitate safe pedestrian access and crossing to and from parking areas, commercial areas, and bus loading zones at all times.
  • Remove snow and ice from public areas for maintenance and safety.
  • Check for areas that need ice melt every morning.
  • Check the trash cans every day.
  • Put tools and equipment back in its proper place after you are done with it.
  • Sand the public access roads.
  • Jump-start vehicles and help vehicles get unstuck.
  • Help the general public.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Clean work areas and company vehicles.
  • Pick up trash from roadways and parking areas.
  • Monitoring parking signs, placement, movement, or removal of traffic barriers.
  • Clean and tidy work areas and breakroom.
  • All other duties assigned.


Job Qualifications:


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Solid interpersonal skills. Solid knowledge of company safety policies.

Alertness, precision, ingenuity, concentration, judgment, initiative, patience, oral and written communication skills are necessary.


Education or Formal Training: None required.


Experience: Laboring and guest service experience preferred.


Material and Equipment Directly Used:


Hand tools and company vehicle.


Working Environment/ Physical Activities:

  • 100% of working day is spent outdoors in constantly changing weather conditions, including snow, extreme cold and wet. 75% of the work day is spent standing, 25% of the day is spent walking.
  • May be exposed to dust and car exhaust.
  • Lifting of parking barricade materials and signs. This is a non-skiing position.
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