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Lift Operations and Activities Foreman

Position Title: 

Lift Operations and Activities Foreman

Reports To: 

Lift Operations and Activities Supervisor/Manager/Director


Lift Operations and Actvities

General Purpose:

Oversee the operation of assigned lifts or activities and the front line staff that run them.  Responsible for: efficient and safe daily operations providing a positive family friendly guest experience. Operations include but are not limited to Lifts, Zip Line, Activities, ticket checking, and maze control.  

Essential Duties/ Responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain documentation on Lift Operator / Attendant attendance and performance, for use in performance appraisals.
  • Work with operators and attendant to form crews, provide ongoing training and foster a team environment to ensure established standards are met.
  • Ensure proper and safe procedures are followed, and ensure excellent guest service skills are being used at all times, and implement and enforce safe operational policies and procedures for tools and staff
  • Oversee start-up, safety checks, auxiliary operations, code 4’s, completion of logs, to ensure proper procedures used.
  • Participate in all aspects of training, testing, and documentation.
  • Enforce safe operational policies and procedures for vehicles, machinery, amenities, tools for staff and guests
  • Use, teach, and oversee proper procedures for pre-operational safety checks, completion of daily logs, and inform Operations Manager, Supervisor and/or Maintenance of any unusual situations.  
  • Ensure stations have all necessary tools and equipment, make adjustments when necessary.
  • Closely monitor employee performance to ensure that all company equipment is being operated in a safe and responsible manner, to minimize damage to company property and to the environment. Ensure completion of an investigation, if company property is damaged, to determine the cause of the incident.
  • Know and properly use all radio and telephone procedures.
  • Work closely with Operations Director, Manager, Supervisor and other Foremen.
  • Ensure checks are performed throughout the day, being aware of sounds, temperature and alignment of machinery.
  • Assist in training operators/ attendants/ ticket checkers/ maze controllers/ volunteers, to ensure established standards are met.
  • Ensure operators/attendants know and understand emergency procedures.
  • Ensure that operators/attendants/maze controllers are receiving appropriate breaks
  • Make recommendations to Manager/Supervisor about promotions and discipline of staff, schedule changes, and tools/supplies needs
  • Assist Operations Manager/Supervisor with hiring and scheduling when needed.
  • Ensure lifts/ activities are used to achieve maximum efficiency and alleviate lines.
  • Keep staff informed with current technical, departmental and company information.
  • Setup/tear-down of summer/ winter amenities
  • Ensure proper opening and closing procedures are followed for assigned pod.
  • Be proficient in lift/activities principals and terminology.
  • Have a well-rounded understanding of the lift/activities, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems and be familiar with location of all major components and be able to communicate this information.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications:

  • Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  Excellent interpersonal communications skills, basic machinery operation skills.  Must be able to ski intermediate runs
  • Alertness, speaking, reading and writing (English) ability, auditory, tactile, olfactory and visual discrimination, judgment, and patience are necessary abilities. Problem solving and task completion skills.
  • Education or Formal Training:  High School diploma or GED.
  • Must have and maintain valid driver’s license and clean driving record.
  • Must have a flexible schedule and be willing to do what it takes to get the job done
  • Experience:  Minimum one season experience as lift operator, activities attendant, and zip line guide, customer service experience required.

Material and Equipment Directly Used:

Ski lift machinery, ski equipment, zip line equipment, amusement ride equipment, hand tools, snowmobiles, vehicles, simple office equipment.

Working Environment/ Physical Activities:

75% of the workday is spent outdoors in a ski resort setting with constantly changing weather conditions to include snow, cold and wet.  75% of the workday is spent standing. Constantly lifting, pushing, and pulling objects weighing up to 100 pounds. Occasionally carrying objects weighing up to 50 pounds.  Constantly using and monitoring controls that operate lifts/activities. Constantly handling objects and using hearing, near and far acuity, depth perception, color and field of vision.  

10% of the time noise levels reach 75 – 110 decibels.  Occasional exposure to fumes, odors and gases. Constant exposure to mechanical hazards.  Occasional exposure to electrical, high exposed worksite, burns, and radiant energy.

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