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Lift Maintenance Apprentice

Position Title: 

Lift Maintenance Apprentice

Reports To: 

Lift Maintenance Manager


Lift Maintenance

General Purpose:

Participate in inspections, testing, monitoring, maintenance and repair of ski lift machinery, components, tools and buildings to ensure safe and efficient lift operation at all times. Train in lift maintenance procedures to achieve Journeyman Lift Mechanic knowledge and status.

Essential Duties/ Responsibilities:

Inspect, test and monitor ski lift machinery and components under supervision.

Execute scheduled maintenance on ski lift machinery and components, tools and buildings, under supervision.

Train in responding to and determining cause of, lift operational problems and in implementing solutions.

Learn all resort, department, ANSI B.77 and state policies, procedures and regulations.

Log (legibly and accurately) all maintenance and repairs on log sheets, for transfer to maintenance operational log.

Other Responsibilities:

Inform Lift Maintenance Manager of all work in progress and any problems encountered.

Organize and clean shop and work areas.

Remove snow from around lift machinery and buildings in winter.

Other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Broad knowledge of ski lift equipment, terminology and operational procedures. Basic knowledge of mechanical, brake and electrical systems and their operation. Basic knowledge of Department and State safety procedures.

Alertness, precision, ingenuity, memory, concentration, judgment, aesthetic sense, reasoning, initiative, patience, visual discrimination, problem solving, analytic ability, persuasiveness, auditory, tactile and olfactory discrimination, imagination and oral and written communication skills are all necessary abilities.

Education or Formal Training: High school diploma or GED.  Current first aid and CPR cards. Valid Colorado driver’s license.

Experience: Ski Lift Operation experience helpful.

Material and Equipment Directly Used:

Ski lift machinery and components, including electrical and hydraulic systems; diesel and gas engines; and wire cables: heavy maintenance equipment, hand, air and electric tools, welding torches, snowmobiles, lubricants and solvents.

Working Environment/Physical Activities:

20% of the workday is spent indoors: 80% of the work day is spent outdoors in constantly changing weather conditions, including snow, extreme cold and wet during winter and heat along with thunder and lightening storms in summer.

60% of the day is spent walking, 35% of the day is spent standing and 5% is spent sitting.

Frequently lifting and carrying objects weighing up to 100 pounds and pushing and pulling objects weighing up to 250 pounds.  Constantly using and monitoring controls that operate lifts and using heavy tools. Constantly climbing heights up to 65 feet, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, handling, fingering and feeling. Constantly engaging in normal conversation.

Constantly listening to machinery sounds and smelling for gases and odors, near and far acuity, depth perception, color and field of vision. 60% of the time noise levels reach 75 – 110 decibels. Constant exposure to mechanical and electrical hazards, highly exposed work site, burns and radiant energy. Frequent exposure to fumes, odors and gases. This is a non-skiing position.

Apprentice Lift Mechanic must have made strong progress of mastering the following tasks and obtaining Journeyman status:

Complete summer service on Doppelmayr, Riblet and Poma lifts. The service includes:

–           sheave replacement

–           alignment corrections

–           cable deropement (rigging, towers)

–           bushing and bearing replacements

–           swing chair corrections

–           derailment corrections

Perform brake test and service on Doppelmayr, Riblet and Poma lifts. Adjust components as necessary.

Pull and lower counterweights for carriage adjustments.

Perform Riblet clip service and preparation for NDT.

Perform Doppelmayr and Poma grip service and preparation for NDT.

Complete haulrope lubrication.

Trouble shoot basic control and derail indicator failures.

Service auxiliary power unit.

Be familiar with all lubrication used in different lift components.

Service low and high speed couplings.

Basic carpentry skills.

Basic hydraulic repair knowledge.


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