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Lift Attendant

Position Title: 

Lift Attendant

Reports To: 

Lift Ops Foreman/Manager/Director


Lift Operations



Maintain orderly and safe passenger traffic conditions, advise and assist passengers for loading and unloading procedures as required and maintain surveillance of assigned area.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

▪     Ensure proper and safe loading and unloading of guests, using excellent guest service skills at all times.

▪     Maintain excellent entry, loading/unloading ramps, and maze areas at all times. Remove snow at all areas of station.

▪     Be familiar with proper procedures for lift start-up, shut-down of lift, safety checks, auxiliary operations, code 4’s and completion of logs.

▪     Use proper procedures for pre-operational safety checks, relaying all information regarding daily lift logs to drive terminal, and inform drive terminal of any unusual situations.

▪     Be completely knowledgeable in all Lift Department procedures and policies. Understand lift, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems and be familiar with location of all major components.

▪     Be aware of sounds, temperature and alignment of machinery.

▪     Advise operator of any unusual or improper occurrences regarding lift operations.

▪     Operate machinery and tools in a safe and responsible manner to avoid damage to the company property and to the environment. Be aware of the safety of people working around machines at all times.

▪     Maintain a safe, clean, presentable and friendly work area.

▪     Accurately complete lift incident reports. Communicate between stations on assigned lift as needed. Notify Foreman/Manager of incidents immediately.

▪     Know and use proper telephone and radio procedures.

Other Responsibilities:

▪     Know signage according to CPTSB Rules and Regulations.

▪     Ensure proper opening and closing procedures for assigned lift.

▪     Be constantly alert for emergency situations and understand emergency procedures.

▪     Other duties as assigned.


▪     Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Excellent interpersonal communications skills, basic machinery operation skills. Be able to ski/snowboard intermediate runs. Alertness, speaking, reading and writing (English) ability, auditory, tactile, olfactory and visual discrimination, judgment, and patience are necessary abilities.

▪     Education or Formal Training: Must complete a 3 day training course, and pass a written test with a score of 80% or higher.

▪     Experience: No experience required. Must be able to work weekends and holidays. Must be at least 18 years or older.

Material and Equipment Directly Used:

Ski lift machinery, ski/snowboard equipment, and hand tools.

Working environment/Physical Activities:

90% of the workday is spent outdoors in a ski resort setting with constantly changing weather conditions including, but not limited to: cold, heat, snow, wet, lightning and thunder storms. 90% of the workday is spent standing. Constantly lifting, pushing, and pulling objects weighing up to 100 pounds is expected. Occasionally carrying objects weighing up to 50 pounds is also necessary. Constantly using and monitoring controls that operate lifts and constantly handling objects and using hearing, near and far acuity, depth perception, color and field of vision is necessary. 10% of the time noise levels reach 75 – 110 decibels. Occasional exposure to fumes, odors and gases should be expected. Exposure to mechanical hazards, electrical hazards, high exposed worksite, burns, and radiant energy are also probable.

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