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Cashier – Food & Beverage

Position Title: 

Food & Beverage Cashier

Reports To: 

Supervisor on Duty


Food and Beverage

Essential Duties/ Responsibilities:


Guest service in sale and upsell.

Operate point of sale equipment to charge the correct price for items sold, collect money and give correct change.

Complete stocking duties– beverages, candy, chips, condiments etc.

Clean and prepare for next day’s business at end of shift.


Other Responsibilities:


Assist busperson when available in keeping dining area clean and neat.

Other duties as assigned.


Job Qualifications:


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  Solid math skills, solid interpersonal communication and guest relations skills.  Must be alert, be able to concentrate, have good aesthetic sense and tactile, olfactory and visual discrimination.  If assigned to Dante’s or Powderhouse restaurants, must be able to ski intermediate runs.


Education or Formal Training:  Up to 3 months on- the –job training.


Experience:  Past cash handling experience.

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