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Director of Lodging

Position Title: 

Director of Lodging

Reports To: 

General Manager




Manage and supervise all aspects of Lodging Services and Rental Program relationships to ensure excellence in lodging product and service, consistent growth and improvement, quality performance and increasing profitability of the Lodging business at Purgatory Resort.   


Provide leadership and supervision of the managers and supervisors within the Lodging team including managing daily operations of all Lodging departments.  Supervise the interviewing, hiring, scheduling, training, mentoring, performance appraisals, promotions, transfers, salary increases, disciplinary actions and terminations of all staff within the Lodging division.

Develop and implement the strategic plan for the expansion of the Lodging division which is consistent with and furthers the overall business plan for Purgatory Resort.

Coordinate and assist the sales and marketing team with sales and marketing programs, brochures, packages, direct mail pieces, etc. to ensure that all lodging properties meet or exceed their respective revenue, occupancy and RevPar goals.

Prepare capital and operating budgets for the Lodging division.  Develop and implement cost control systems and provide constant monitoring of performance versus budgets.

Provide division and resort leadership in the areas of revenue, yield management, guest service, and employee morale.

Serve as main liaison between Purgatory Resort and the resort’s rental program participants and lodging property tenants.  Develop and maintain frequent communication with residents, tenants and guests through newsletters, briefings and correspondence.

Resolve guests’ concerns/problems promptly to the satisfaction of the guest while protecting the resort’s interest and minimizing risk.

Recruit new residents to Purgatory Resort’s rental program and put in place programs and procedures to encourage all resident/owners to participate in some capacity.

Implement state-of-the-art yield management systems and procedures to maximize profitability and margin.

Supervise timely and accurate financial and operational status reports to resort management.

Administrate and develop processes, procedures, handbooks, priorities, schedules, systems, quality controls and accountability mechanisms.

Serve as spokesperson and lead communicator to residents, tenants, guests, employees, homeowners, and industry organizations related to resort issues and matters of interest.


Actively participate on Purgatory Resort’s executive team.

Actively participate in local and regional hospitality industry and community organizations.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Solid knowledge of, and capability in, employee management, property management of hotel and residential properties, financial management, hotel accounting, hotel sales/marketing and customer service.  Requires excellent customer relations and interpersonal skills, solid budgeting skills, and very strong information system and database and yield management skills. Knowledge of Springer Miller Systems-Property Management system preferred. .

Alertness, analytical ability, persuasiveness, auditory, tactile and visual discrimination, memory, creativity, precision, problem-solving, reasoning, judgment, initiative, imagination, patience, concentration are necessary. Excellent communication skills required.

Education or Formal Training: Bachelor degree in business, hospitality, property management or equivalent industry experience required.  Masters of Business Administration preferred.

Experience:  Minimum five years of hotel, property management and employee management required.  At least two years travel/tourism sales experience preferable in a resort lodging/hospitality environment.  Experience with condominium management preferred.


Basic office equipment, computers, fax machine, etc.


10% of the workday is spent outdoors in moving between areas; and skiing/snowboarding on Mountain tours with group leaders and VIP’s.  90% of the workday is spent in a normal office environment. 50% of the workday is spent sitting, 10% walking, and 40% standing. Up to 35% of the work year is spent traveling.

Frequently engaged in normal conversation.  Frequent use of near and far acuity, depth perception, color, and field of vision.

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