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Childcare Attendant

Position Title: 

Childcare Attendant

Reports To: 

Supervisor/Youth Programs Manager



General Purpose:

Organize activities to keep children entertained, safe, and busy throughout the day. Provide instruction on Nordic skis as directed by supervisor.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

Tag children and their belongings with their name and Cubby number, quickly and efficiently.

Greet parents with information about the program. Be a good listener, inviting parent’s questions, concerns and data about the child.

Record any food allergies, medical needs, etc., on a daily chart.

Organize and lead indoor and outdoor activities to include: structured activities in the morning and afternoon. Assistance with games, arts and crafts, songs, and story time. Ensure enjoyable and safe activities for outdoor ski and playtime.

Dress children in proper snow attire for outdoor time.

Consider each child’s interests and needs.  Pay attention to those children who feel stress during the process of preparing for skiing.

Arrange for potty patrol and diaper round whenever necessary or as instructed.

Prepare the facility for lunch after children leave for ski lesson; refer to the child information board for children with special dietary needs; serve lunch; sit at the table with children during meals and snacks; clean up afterwards.

Prepare for quiet time with mat set up.

Clean the facility throughout the day.

Notify the supervisor of any concerns for the child’s welfare.

Other Responsibilities:

Document and punch in/out on a time-clock.

Arrive on time, on scheduled days.

Wear clean and appropriate uniform.

Attend clinics and training to become familiar with child development.

Be in attendance during the busy times, i.e. Christmas and Spring Breaks, acknowledging no vacations will be guaranteed at these times.

Responsible for the end of the day clean up of the facility, which includes cleaning the bathroom, taking out the trash, and vacuuming.

Practice safety awareness as outlined in the Childcare Policies and Procedures manual.

Job Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities: Must enjoy and have a good understanding of the needs of infants/toddlers. Process creativity and imagination. Portray good judgment and problem solving skills. You must display a great deal of patience.

Education or Formal Training: A high school degree or GED certificate is required.  Current CPR and first aid or the ability to obtain CPR and First Aid before starting work is preferred. Special circumstances: high school and college trainees are accepted with a manager’s approval.

Requirements: Ability to go through background check and finger printing process.

Experience: Previous childcare or parental experience recommended.

Material and Equipment Directly Used:

Cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, diapers, and/or toys.

Working Environment/Physical Activities:

75% of the workday is spent indoors in a child care setting. 25% of the time is spent outdoors (when snow-play is available) in cold and snow. Indoors: 10% of the time is spent sitting, 55% walking, and 35% standing.

Frequently lifting/carrying children (and belongings) weighing up to 75 pounds. Occasionally pushing/pulling objects up to 25 pounds. Occasionally operate controls (microwave etc.). Frequently stooping, kneeling, reaching, crouching, crawling, and handling objects. Occasionally balancing, fingering, and feeling. Constantly engaging in ordinary conversation. Field of vision is necessary.

Occasional fumes, dusts, and/or mists. Constant odors and poor ventilation. Potential hazards include mechanical, electrical, burns, and exposure to kicking and/or biting from children (exposure to blood, viruses, and bacteria). This is a non-skiing position.

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