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Bike Trail Volunteer

Position Title: 

Bike Trail Volunteer

Reports To: 

Bike Trail Supervisor




Bike Trail Volunteer assists the Bike Trail Crew in the construction and maintenance of natural/artificial surface trails throughout the resort by performing unskilled and, as capable, semi-skilled jobs in a manner which assures a quality product consistent with Purgatory Resort’s trail building standards.

Performs unskilled and semi-skilled work in a responsible manner; typical duties including but not limited to:

Using hand tools to assist in new trail building and finishing as well as decommissioning of unsustainable trails.

Assist with the armoring of trail tread and proper drainage for existing trails.

Assisting in the construction of trail structures such as bridges, staircases, retaining walls and boardwalks.

Works towards the proficiency in these specific skill sets including: Bench-cut trail construction, dry stone masonry work, rustic timber construction and joinery, carpentry  and Leave No Trace skills and ethics.

Work full days under the forest canopy without regular access to amenities.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Other Responsibilities:

Report any dangerous or hazardous trail conditions immediately to Bike Trail Supervisor.

Regularly ride trails to ensure their safety for all users. Be able to assist in the event of encountering an injured guest on the trail.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Basic knowledge of trail construction. Alertness, concentration, judgment, precision, agility, auditory discrimination, spatial perception, memory, reasoning, initiative and aesthetic sense.

Special Certifications/Licensing:  None required.

Education or Formal Training: None required.

Experience: Previous knowledge of trail construction and mountain biking.

Materials and Equipment Directly Used: Hand tools i.e. spades, McLeod’s, Collins axe, pick.

Working Environment/Physical Activities:

99% of the work day is spent outdoors in a mountain forest environment, in changing weather conditions including but not limited to: extreme cold and heat, wind, snow, rain, thunder and lightning storms. 30% of the work day is spent standing and 60% is spent walking on uneven terrain. 10% of the workday is spent sitting.

Frequently balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, handling, talking and listening, using near and far acuity, depth perception, color and field of vision. Occasionally climbing, crawling, fingering, feeling and smelling. Frequently lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling objects weighing up to 100 pounds.

Noise levels can reach up to 100 decibels during the work day. Frequent exposure to vibration, fumes and dusts in the atmosphere exist. Occasional exposure to odors, mists, gases and poor ventilation may exist. Potential hazards include mechanical, radiant energy, electrical, high exposed work site, burns and explosives.

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