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Base Operations Foreman

Position Title: 

Base Operations Foreman

Reports To: 

Grounds Supervisor


Mountain Operations


To maintain the resort grounds on a year round basis, as well as working with the Grounds Supervisor in the daily maintenance of the Resort.



  • Supervise and train all heavy equipment operators.
  • Plow snow from roads, parking lots and common areas ensuring safe and timely access.
  • Sand the roads to improve the safety of driving conditions.
  • Maintain snowplowing equipment. Coordinate with vehicle maintenance for repair and problem resolution.
  • Inspect all Purgatory owned and/or leased roadways and parking areas to ensure adequate drainage and continuing good condition.
  • Check all safety equipment daily for proper function.
  • Oversee all snow removal staff and volunteers.
  • Coordinate and assist the Parking Supervisor on daily duties as needed.
  • Shovel, snow blow and sweep all walk ways, stairs, driveways and pedestrian ways.
  • Maintain drainage, minimize ice and sand as necessary.
  • Mowing, weeding, edging and mulching.
  • Maintain all landscape needs, oversee landscape volunteers and watering potted flower plants.
  • Keep all exterior common areas and grounds safe, aesthetically pleasing, clean and tidy.
  • Coordinate erection of festival tent and assembly of the interior.
  • Create and maintain daily and weekly schedules for staff
  • Maintain time and labor reports
  • Manage creation of budget and develop labor improvement efforts
  • Maintain and repair Alpine slide and sleds. Prepare the alpine slide for summer and winter.
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures at all times using proper equipment.
  • Be aware of the safety of people working around machines at all times.
  • Report any existing or potential safety hazard to supervisor immediately.
  • Operate machinery in a safe and careful manner to avoid damage to the machines and to protect corporate property, the forest land, wildlife habitat and natural resources.
  • Be responsible for and maintain the recycling program with the assistance of all departments.



  • Conserve energy wherever possible.
  • Maintain clean and tidy work areas.
  • Other duties as assigned.




Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Solid knowledge of heavy machinery operation.
  • Have working knowledge of irrigation systems and general landscaping understanding.
  • Alertness, precision, ingenuity, concentration, judgment, initiative, patience, oral and written communication skills, are necessary abilities.


Education or Formal Training: Valid Colorado driver’s license.


Experience: One year of heavy equipment operation required.

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