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Position Title: 


Reports To: 

AGM and GM of Plaza Restaurants


Food and Beverage

General Purpose:


Front Line Guest Service Interaction.


Serve the bartenders as requested using excellent service skills.


Essential Duties/ Responsibilities:

  • Ensure there is always enough back up liquor
  • Run to the storage area to get alcohol if any bartender runs out
  • Change kegs when required
  • Pick up empty glasses and bottles from the tables and outside the bar (called bussing)
  • Wipe down tables and bar tops
  • Re-stock garnishes and mixes
  • Always ensure there is enough clean glassware
  • Re-stock ice when needed
  • Maintain clean rags in each bartender’s station


Other responsibilities:

  • Cuts fruit to specification and prepares all condiment caddies.
  • Collects trash from all outlets throughout shift, as well as wiping down walls behind trash containers.
  • Distributes clean bar towels, as well as, collects soiled ones and discards them in the appropriate place.
  • Collects all excess glasses from bars and restocks them in their appropriate outlets in accordance to specification, along with retrieving bar glassware from dish areas.
  • Organizes and cleans pump rooms, coolers, and storage areas to specification.
  • Sweeps and mops pump room, coolers, and storage area floors.
  • Soaks and cleans soda bag-in-box hoses and nozzles.
  • Replaces and rotates draught beer kegs, liquor pump rooms and soda bag-in-boxes as required.
  • When assisting the bartenders with orders, uses suggestive selling/up-selling practices.
  • Approaches guests and welcomes them upon arrival.
  • Uses guest names during interactions and remembers their preferences.
  • Promptly and professionally handles guest issues and communicates problems and concerns to management.
  • Thanks guest, wishes them good luck, offers a warm farewell, and invites them back upon departure.
  • Requires evidence of age of any guest who appears to be under the age of thirty (30).
  • Continuously monitors bar to ensure that all guest are receiving beverage service in a timely manner.
  • Attends, and satisfactorily completes all required training as assigned and required
  • Other duties as assigned.


Job Qualifications:


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  Solid bar service knowledge and interpersonal communications/ guest relations skills.  Basic records management and accounting skills.


Education or Formal Training:  None required.  Beverage safety course preferred.


Experience:  2 Years experience bartending.




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