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The Best Photo Spots on the Mountain!

If you’re like us, you love finding the best spots on the mountain to take family photos, enviable Instagrams, and exciting Snapchats. Luckily our mountain is full of stellar views and panoramic scenery–no matter which terrain you like to ski!

We’ve asked one of our photographers, Scott DW Smith (see some of his work here), for his tried-and-true spots for the best photo backgrounds from around the mountain. Here’s what he had to say! (Don’t forget to tag your shots @skipurg on social!)

Best Go-To Spot | Top of Paradise

Best All-Round View | Top of 8 (Jones Jubilee) in any direction


Easiest to Find | Top of Limbo


Best for the Crew | Dante’s Deck


Best For Families With Young Kids | Animas City

See the trail map to chart out your next family photo shoot!