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Railz SnowScooter Rentals

Welcome to the SnowScooter Craze at Purgatory

RAILZ SnowScooter Rentals are brand new at Purgatory Resort. These Snow Scooters are fun, easy to ride and even easier to rent. Just use an APP on your Phone to rent and have a great ride!


If you have ever ridden a street scooter, you know that it’s fun and simple to master. It’s a great activity for all ages and something that the entire family can do together. RAILZ SnowScooters are easy to ride and control with a handle bar for simple steering and a snow brake that allows riders to go as fast or as slow as they want.




SnowScooter Rentals


Renting a Railz SnowScooter is this easy!

Download the App: LINKA GO
Scan the QR code below to download the App and setup an account

Follow the steps below to rent a SnowScooter:

  1. Scan QR code next to the scooter to unlock
  2. Go for a ride and have fun!
  3. Return scooter to the original lock
  4. “End Ride” using the App



In the Base Area on the outside of the Village Center building, near Expert Edge Ski & Board Shop

View Purgatory Village Map



Available for rent during Purgatory operation hours on a self-service basis

Rider Safety Guidelines

Visit railzusa.com for the full list of rider safety guidelines